Why a Hairpiece Is a Great Solution for Dealing With Hair Loss

An estimated 50% of men are affected by male pattern baldness. There are several ways to deal with hair loss ranging from acceptance to surgery. Concealing baldness with wigs is a tradition that dates back to ancient Egyptian societies. Technology has expanded options for realistic-looking hairpieces. Consider a wig as a way to deal with hair loss.

Human vs. Synthetic

Wigs are usually made of either human or synthetic hair. Human hairpieces are generally more expensive, but afford the versatility and durability of naturally grown hair. A well-maintained wig can last over a year. Synthetic wigs have come a long way thanks to technology and can look and feel natural. Although they are less versatile for styling, they come in a variety of affordable looks.

Cap Type

Now that you’ve decided on the kind of hair, consider how it will attach to the cap.

  • Basic caps are the cheapest and longest-lasting. Hairs are sewn directly into the cap and are styled in a way that hides the cap.
  • Monofilament caps use a mesh to which hairs are tied. This allows parting of the hair in any direction.
  • Lace fronts have hairs tied to sheer lace. This provides a very natural appearance as it gives the impression of hair growing directly from the scalp.

Consult a company offering wigs for men St Louis to determine the best cap for your desired look and budget.

Caring for Your Hairpiece

You’ll need to care for a human hairpiece as you would naturally grown hair. Use products that are formulated for processed hair. Moisturize and condition your wig occasionally. Synthetics should be cleaned every six to eight uses. Fibers should be detangled before cleaning. Buy products that are specifically designed for synthetics. Avoid using a blow dryer or brush. These wigs should not be squeezed or wrung.

There are many ways to deal with baldness. Hairpieces are a stylish option that can restore a natural, youthful appearance. You’ll get what you pay for, so invest in a quality wig that best suits your head and look.