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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Winter Tires

Tires can be categorically classified into various groups; the classification can also be based on some factors. The factors of classification may include the; seasons their prices among others, it is now evident that the tires can be classified ,made or even named after the seasons we are in With reference to the season based classification they can either be classified as all-season tires or as the winter tires or even based on other seasons. The winter tires are often associated with the winter season, for this reason, they are in most cases used in the winter seasons since they often have the seasons adaptability. As it is commonly said, “there is always a reason for every happening”, the winter tires have several reasons as to why they are used.

The winter tires have characteristically favorable adaptations that often enables them to work best in the winter season, the adaptations help them gain competitive advantage to the other types of tires, this, therefore, brings us to the reasons as to why they are used more often and makes them gain more popularity that helps them to sell during the winter season than all other types of tires, among this merits there are 5 most valuable reasons as to why they are used.
Their grip, unlike the summer tires which begins to harden when the temperature drops to 7 degrees, the winter tires are more efficient. The hardening of the tires causes them to lose their grip and traction even with the absence of ice. The colder it gets the less effective the tires become. The winter tires are often recommended and used by most people simply because they do not compromise, for instance, the fall jacket is often capable of covering the owner on average temperature.

However, when using the summer tires in the freezing cold stopping distance can increase approximately 30 to 40 percent when they are compared to the winter tires, this translates the fact that the winter tires often reduce the drivers chances of crashing.

The winter tire is compound not tread, in spite of the how they look from the treads, the most significant part of a winter tire is its rubber compound that often stays soft and flexible in freezing or rather cold temperatures. The soft rubber treads of the winter tires often creates traction almost anywhere.

The winter tires are generally designed to move water, if the melted water is not moved away from the road, it might lead to the car hydroplane!

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