Here are 8 Mistakes that Frequently Done When Using Hair Dryer

Before using a tool, we should know the tool and its usefulness. According to Wikipedia, hairdryer or blow dryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow normal or hot air over damp hair to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair. Blow dryers allow better control over the shape and style of hair, by accelerating and controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each strand.

The use of hair dryers has its own rules. Many people, especially women do some mistakes often when using hair dryers. In fact, almost all women make this mistake when using a hair dryer. The important thing that is always there as a tool that can help us to make some styles for our hair. Saving time? Yes, that’s why women choose to use a hair dryer instead of drying their hair naturally or using a fan. Check allabouthairandwigs com to see some types of hair dryers and how to use them correctly.

With all the practical elements of a hair dryer, there are some women who are reluctant to use this one object. The reason hair dryers can damage the hair they often express. Actually, the correct use of hair dryer will not damage the hair. Unfortunately, the majority of women who use a hair dryer often make these mistakes.

  1. The Distance Too Close to The Head

Want hair to dry immediately by closer the hair dryer on the head is not a good idea. This is what makes your hair dry and brittle. The best distance for using a hair dryer is 20 to 30 cm from hair and scalp. The farther the distance, the time to dry the hair is longer, but your hair will be happier.

  1. Not Moving Hair Dryer

Please distinguish between moving and shaking. Often the women always rest on a point that feels comfortable when wearing a hair dryer and reluctant to move the object so that all parts of the hair exposed to warm wind. Shake a hair dryer in only one part will make the hair on that part is drier than other areas. Let’s not be lazy to move the hair dryer.

  1. Reverse the Head

Come on, please raise your hand if you often turn your head while wearing a hair dryer to dry the hair on the inside. This way is wrong! The truth is, comb the newly washed hair with a fork comb and then divide it and hairpin into pieces. Reversing the head will only make hair ‘blooming’ and dizzy.

  1. Stand Up When Dry Hair

There is no prohibition to stand while using a hair dryer, but better results will be felt as you sit and move the hair dryer over the hair. By sitting while using a hair dryer, you will be more comfortable, focused and not running here and there. In addition, you will not be tired and can use that power to move the hair dryer as in point 2.

  1. Holding Brush by The Wrong Hand

It seems that all women (even professionals) ever make this mistake, holding a hair dryer in dominant hands (strongest hand) and holding a comb / brush in weak hands. Understandable because the hair dryer is quite heavy. According to Eva Scrivo, a beautician from New York City, this way is reversed. With the brush in the dominant hand, then your hand is more in control to form the hairdo. Please practice to change the place of hair dryer and comb / brush.

  1. Not Grease Serum

Polishing vitamins or spraying anti frizz on hair (especially the tip of the hair) when using a hair dryer is very important but often ignored by women. The use of serum can protect hair from exposure to hot hair dryer, especially if you often use this object. In addition, the use of anti-freeze will make the process of structuring hair faster and keep the hair shape and not sticking out.

  1. Always Panic

Somehow women often panic when using a hair dryer, but they are not in a hurry. This can make you lose focus and make the warm wind of hair dryer running in the direction that should not, even about your face. This panic can also make your hair tangled because of irregular movement. Relax yourself while wearing a hair dryer. It’s better to slow the origin of a neat hairstyle rather than panic then produce a ‘bird’s nest’.

  1. Done Before Drying

Often found hair already feels dry but actually still wet? This is another mistake that is often done, letting the hair is not 100% dry. Sometimes, hair feels dry when not yet. To ascertain whether your hair has dried. Turn off the hair dryer and wait 1-2 minutes until the hair temperature gets room temperature. If the hair still feels moist, you should turn the hair dryer back on.