What To Expect During Your Consultation

In Florida, the initial step in acquiring breast augmentation surgery is to attend a consultation. During the consultation, the cosmetic surgeon addresses any factors that could affect the surgery and its outcome. They also schedule the surgery based on the preferred date and time. The following details explain what to expect during the consultation with the cosmetic surgeon.

The Patient’s Medical History

The patient must discuss all previous surgeries with the surgeon. The surgeon needs a full list of these surgeries and any complications that occurred including the effects of anesthesia. The patient must disclose all current and previous medical conditions they experienced. They must provide a list of all medications they take and any medication-based allergies they possess. The surgeon needs to know about their current treatment strategies for their medical conditions as well as the results of their most recent mammogram. The patient must disclose their entire family medical history especially any instances of breast cancer.

The Medical Assessment

The surgeon will examine and photograph the patient’s breasts. They assess the size and shape of the patient’s breast. The surgeon also evaluates the current status of the patient’s breast tissue and elasticity of their skin. The surgeon reviews the current positioning of the areolas as well. This assessment determines if the patient needs a breast lift prior to the augmentation surgery.

The patient must also take into consideration the effects of any further pregnancies. They must follow a strict diet and exercise program to stabilize their weight. These factors could affect the outcome of the breast augmentation in the future.

Planning the Surgery

The cosmetic surgeon works with the patient to plan out the surgery. The patient must determine what type of breast implants they want. They must also review placement options for these implants and how the position could affect how they look and the longevity of the implants.

In Florida, all patients who want to undergo a breast augmentation surgery must attend a consultation first. This consultation allows the surgeon and the patient to assess possible risks that could affect their health and the procedure’s outcome. Patients who want to learn more about these procedures can assess this source further.