Magnificent Medium Layers for the Perfect Hair Toss

We’ve all done it. That reflexive hair toss when you turn to leave a room grabs everyone’s attention. Texture and layering bring some new ways to showcase those medium layered haircuts so you never miss a hair toss opportunity. Luxurious highlights and hints of color make these popular styles even more intriguing.


Tousled Ash Blonde Lob

This long bob with blond and silver tones is amazing with its messy, wavy, shoulder-length locks. You’ll love this easy look from morning till night.

Blonde to Pastel Balayage

This stunning medium-length bob uses balayage highlights to bring out those natural blonde tones. A subtle hint of pink, blue and peach pastel color at the end turns heads in this stunning style.

Shag Cuts

Not your 1970’s shag, this popular updated cut uses trendy highlights and spiky texture to make you look great. Shake your mane with a chic, contemporary shag and ombre color.

Choppy Layers

Medium layered haircuts with uneven layers give this style an urban look. A few waves and complementary ombre and you’ll go out in modern style with this easy to manage haircut.

Long Messy Bob

This one gives you that fashionable bed-head look that is so hot. With shoulder-length tresses and long layers, keep the bangs long too for a compelling, provocative style. All-over highlights make this one shine for everyone to see.

Blonde, Straight and Layered

Add some long layers to your hair and you’ll have a stylish shape with lots of movement. Enhance your natural depth with contrasting highlights to make a splash wherever you go.

Medium Wavy with Bangs

With long bangs and long layers, some gorgeous waves and a few highlights, you’ll turn heads with your trendy locks. A blonde ombre blended at the ends will transform this look into a sultry style that everyone will be talking about.

Cute Wavy Bob

Spice up your bob with all-over waves and bright blonde highlights. Keep your bangs long for side-swept bangs and a sensuous look.

Tousled and Sassy

Layers add easy movement to this carefree long bob. Piecey ends with a touch of ombre highlights give you a trendy, tousled look that is super low maintenance.

Asymmetrical Waves

This edgy look gives you longer, tossable layers on one side and shorter layers on the other. Beautiful, striking highlights brighten this downtown style and captivate everyone around you.

Natural Brown Volume

Long layers give this style incredible depth and just the right amount of volume. A similar-toned balayage gives this look a natural flair and makes all the other girls want your hair.

Messy Waves

Super long layers and a middle part give you a luscious style that everyone notices. Some subtle, complementary-toned ombre highlights make this a cut you’re sure to love.