How to Determine a Surgeon

If you are looking to have elective surgery, you may be scouring the internet trying to find the perfect surgeon to perform your procedure. Whether you would like to enlist the help of a local plastic surgeon in the Raleigh area or would prefer to travel to meet with some of the country’s leading doctors, there are a lot of ways you can assess and compare qualifications of doctors to determine which surgeon can deliver on your expected results.

You will want to find a surgeon that has been certified by the Board of Cosmetic Surgery. You can gather a lot of important facts on a surgeon by searching the internet. In many cases, you can scope out credentials, ratings, reviews and testimonials before calling to schedule a consultation. Once you find a few surgeons that offer transparency on their websites, before-and-after photos and a professional appearance, you should call to schedule a consultation. You can gather a lot of information during your initial phone call. If the representative answering the phone is friendly, willing to answer your initial questions and seems professional, you will most likely feel confident scheduling a consultation.

There are quite a few reputable and professional plastic surgeons in Raleigh North Carolina that offer free or low-cost consultations. You will want to assess every part of your visit. From how professional and clean the waiting area is to how quickly you get called in for your consultation, how friendly the staff is and if the surgeon answers your questions and makes you feel comfortable, you need to feel confident through every phase of the consultation. You should not be afraid to ask for testimonials or references, and the surgeon should be happy to provide you with pictures and a digital portfolio. He or she should be happy to answer all of your questions with complete transparency and not make you feel rushed. Through digital imaging software, a surgeon should listen to your requests and generate a before-and-after photo series that gives you an idea of the realistic results you can expect from surgery.