Here are 8 Mistakes that Frequently Done When Using Hair Dryer

Before using a tool, we should know the tool and its usefulness. According to Wikipedia, hairdryer or blow dryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow normal or hot air over damp hair to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair. Blow dryers allow better control over the shape and style of hair, by accelerating and controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each strand.

The use of hair dryers has its own rules. Many people, especially women do some mistakes often when using hair dryers. In fact, almost all women make this mistake when using a hair dryer. The important thing that is always there as a tool that can help us to make some styles for our hair. Saving time? Yes, that’s why women choose to use a hair dryer instead of drying their hair naturally or using a fan. Check allabouthairandwigs com to see some types of hair dryers and how to use them correctly.

With all the practical elements of a hair dryer, there are some women who are reluctant to use this one object. The reason hair dryers can damage the hair they often express. Actually, the correct use of hair dryer will not damage the hair. Unfortunately, the majority of women who use a hair dryer often make these mistakes.

  1. The Distance Too Close to The Head

Want hair to dry immediately by closer the hair dryer on the head is not a good idea. This is what makes your hair dry and brittle. The best distance for using a hair dryer is 20 to 30 cm from hair and scalp. The farther the distance, the time to dry the hair is longer, but your hair will be happier.

  1. Not Moving Hair Dryer

Please distinguish between moving and shaking. Often the women always rest on a point that feels comfortable when wearing a hair dryer and reluctant to move the object so that all parts of the hair exposed to warm wind. Shake a hair dryer in only one part will make the hair on that part is drier than other areas. Let’s not be lazy to move the hair dryer.

  1. Reverse the Head

Come on, please raise your hand if you often turn your head while wearing a hair dryer to dry the hair on the inside. This way is wrong! The truth is, comb the newly washed hair with a fork comb and then divide it and hairpin into pieces. Reversing the head will only make hair ‘blooming’ and dizzy.

  1. Stand Up When Dry Hair

There is no prohibition to stand while using a hair dryer, but better results will be felt as you sit and move the hair dryer over the hair. By sitting while using a hair dryer, you will be more comfortable, focused and not running here and there. In addition, you will not be tired and can use that power to move the hair dryer as in point 2.

  1. Holding Brush by The Wrong Hand

It seems that all women (even professionals) ever make this mistake, holding a hair dryer in dominant hands (strongest hand) and holding a comb / brush in weak hands. Understandable because the hair dryer is quite heavy. According to Eva Scrivo, a beautician from New York City, this way is reversed. With the brush in the dominant hand, then your hand is more in control to form the hairdo. Please practice to change the place of hair dryer and comb / brush.

  1. Not Grease Serum

Polishing vitamins or spraying anti frizz on hair (especially the tip of the hair) when using a hair dryer is very important but often ignored by women. The use of serum can protect hair from exposure to hot hair dryer, especially if you often use this object. In addition, the use of anti-freeze will make the process of structuring hair faster and keep the hair shape and not sticking out.

  1. Always Panic

Somehow women often panic when using a hair dryer, but they are not in a hurry. This can make you lose focus and make the warm wind of hair dryer running in the direction that should not, even about your face. This panic can also make your hair tangled because of irregular movement. Relax yourself while wearing a hair dryer. It’s better to slow the origin of a neat hairstyle rather than panic then produce a ‘bird’s nest’.

  1. Done Before Drying

Often found hair already feels dry but actually still wet? This is another mistake that is often done, letting the hair is not 100% dry. Sometimes, hair feels dry when not yet. To ascertain whether your hair has dried. Turn off the hair dryer and wait 1-2 minutes until the hair temperature gets room temperature. If the hair still feels …

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Free Make-up Does Exist!

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Removing App For The “Nice Man” On The Go

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Natural, On a regular basis Makeup

Helen Mirren’s Position In Magnificence And Trend For Older Girls. There products components are on the whole foods permitted components list. That may give an airbrushed look and apply flawlessly without wanting heavy or painted-wanting like a brush can,” says Baylog. I mix up a number of colors of eye shadow using cocoa powder (brown shades) Spirulina (inexperienced shades) and arrowroot (mild shades).\n\nCosmetics: Steering & Regulation; Laws & Rules. They frame the eyes and complete the facial look.” Stay away from sharp angles and arches, and as an alternative comb a light-weight eyebrow powder by means of any sparse areas, utilizing wax to tame the hairs. Greater than 500 merchandise sold within the U.S. contain substances banned in cosmetics in Japan, Canada or the European Union.\n\nThe principles apply to producers, importers, and retailers of cosmetics in Brazil, and most of them have been harmonized to allow them to apply to your complete Mercosur. If you do not have or aren’t comfortable with these substances, a simple mixture of arrowroot and a small amount of cocoa powder and cinnamon will work really well however will not offer as a lot protection.\n\nCreated by smart, forward-thinking ladies, these lip colours emphasize health and sweetness in a fresh means. Create a seamless canvas with Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 in Desert ($38, ). It incorporates organic argan oil, which sinks into pores and skin.\n\nToners usually contain alcohol, water, and natural extracts or other chemical substances depending on skin type whether oily, dry, or combination. Meanwhile, the formulation is pitch black and simple for that smudged-in, thick root look that I really like. So when corporations swap out what they believe to be potentially harmful synthetic preservatives for safer” alternatives, they could introduce new dangers, too.…

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Magnificent Medium Layers for the Perfect Hair Toss

We’ve all done it. That reflexive hair toss when you turn to leave a room grabs everyone’s attention. Texture and layering bring some new ways to showcase those medium layered haircuts so you never miss a hair toss opportunity. Luxurious highlights and hints of color make these popular styles even more intriguing.


Tousled Ash Blonde Lob

This long bob with blond and silver tones is amazing with its messy, wavy, shoulder-length locks. You’ll love this easy look from morning till night.

Blonde to Pastel Balayage

This stunning medium-length bob uses balayage highlights to bring out those natural blonde tones. A subtle hint of pink, blue and peach pastel color at the end turns heads in this stunning style.

Shag Cuts

Not your 1970’s shag, this popular updated cut uses trendy highlights and spiky texture to make you look great. Shake your mane with a chic, contemporary shag and ombre color.

Choppy Layers

Medium layered haircuts with uneven layers give this style an urban look. A few waves and complementary ombre and you’ll go out in modern style with this easy to manage haircut.

Long Messy Bob

This one gives you that fashionable bed-head look that is so hot. With shoulder-length tresses and long layers, keep the bangs long too for a compelling, provocative style. All-over highlights make this one shine for everyone to see.

Blonde, Straight and Layered

Add some long layers to your hair and you’ll have a stylish shape with lots of movement. Enhance your natural depth with contrasting highlights to make a splash wherever you go.

Medium Wavy with Bangs

With long bangs and long layers, some gorgeous waves and a few highlights, you’ll turn heads with your trendy locks. A blonde ombre blended at the ends will transform this look into a sultry style that everyone will be talking about.

Cute Wavy Bob

Spice up your bob with all-over waves and bright blonde highlights. Keep your bangs long for side-swept bangs and a sensuous look.

Tousled and Sassy

Layers add easy movement to this carefree long bob. Piecey ends with a touch of ombre highlights give you a trendy, tousled look that is super low maintenance.

Asymmetrical Waves

This edgy look gives you longer, tossable layers on one side and shorter layers on the other. Beautiful, striking highlights brighten this downtown style and captivate everyone around you.

Natural Brown Volume

Long layers give this style incredible depth and just the right amount of volume. A similar-toned balayage gives this look a natural flair and makes all the other girls want your hair.

Messy Waves

Super long layers and a middle part give you a luscious style that everyone notices. Some subtle, complementary-toned ombre highlights make this a cut you’re sure to love.

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How to Look Beautiful Without Make Up

Beautiful is the main and it must be felt by all women, they want to look fashionable and charming at every opportunity. Trapped in the beauty products of not qualified to be one of the scourge scary of today’s era. Because want to appear attractive in instant time it can endanger themselves, because the health disorders effect of beauty products


However, that does not mean all beauty products are ugly, of course, there are original and trusted. But remember, there is no quality price. How could it look beautiful without makeup? How to? See some tips below!

A smile to add Beautiful

Who forbids always to smile? Friendly to others will radiate our aura of beauty. Without capital, yet so healthy and able to boost our natural beauty.

Do Not Be Lazy to Clean The Face

Washing your face every day will keep your face fresh and clean. For that reason, do not be lazy to wash our face regularly so that no dirt sticking too long in facial skin and lead to the emergence of acne problems

Drink Lots Of Water

Do not be lazy to drink water routinely. If you are a super busy person, you can buy it by purchasing bottled mineral water that can be carried anywhere easily. Allow at least 8 glasses a day, if more will be better.

Keep Yourself Away From Stress

Stress various reasons can be due to problems themselves, family, work and so forth. Proven that stress can damage health. Do not escape also the impact on the quality of one’s beauty. People who stress tend to look moody and tangled. If you want to look beautiful maximum without makeup, try not stress.

Consumption Of Fruits And Vegetables

Fruit and vegetables are very important to support our appearance. Many vitamins and nutrients important for the body that can be obtained if we want to consume vegetables and fruits with a routine. This is one of the tips how to look beautiful without having to wear makeup. The skin will be healthier, radiant and natural.

Dampen lips

Lip moisturizer will help the beautiful appearance of beautiful. Use a lip moisturizer that suits you best. Do not overdo it, use just enough. Dry lips are very unpleasant, so keep your lips moist.


Use a scrub to help erode dead skin cells. For scrubbing process, use a soft brush and do it slowly. If you want to scrub face, use additional natural ingredients that are green tea and wheat powder. Mix well the two ingredients are then used for scrubbing.

Get Some Rest

Sleeping at least 8 hours a day can indeed maintain our body health and fitness. So, try to give the best time to our body so the body can be refreshed the next day. With adequate rest, then our beauty will be more radiated.

Use Bright Clothes And The Right Accessories

Fashion support is so strong to support the beautiful appearance of a woman. Choose the right fashion for you, especially the color selection. Try a bright and fitting for your body shape, and do not forget to embed some accessories as a sweetener. For example ring, bracelet, earrings, and necklace as appropriate.

Take Care Of Hair

Hair is the crown. To be more beautiful, of course, hair should get the ideal treatment portion. Use the right shampoo as well as some other important treatments that are useful for healthy hair. Healthy, beautifully shiny hair will automatically support your beauty.


The self-confidence factor plays an important role in beauty as a whole. In addition to self-confidence, love to yourself also supports your appearance. Love yourself and have a strong sense of confidence (but do not over).

Similarly a brief article about some tips to look beautiful without makeup, hopefully, can provide positive benefits for you. Maybe useful


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Japanese Women Beauty Standard

Many say that pretty is relative. it is true that everyone has beautiful standards that are different from each other. However, what do you think about Japanese women’s beauty standards? Their women who have a small body or a tooth will usually be considered a beautiful woman according to Japanese men. Here are 7 Japanese female beauty standards that become the criteria or standard of Japanese women’s beauty


Women with Big eyes

Double eyelid surgery or Blepharoplasty is a common thing done in Japan. The reason many people want double eyelids because their eyes will look bigger with double eyelids.


Body Shape

In Japan, there is a term called BonKyuBon aimed at the women there. The first bon means having a big chest, Kyu means the side waist, and the last Bon has sexy hips meaning. Well, BonKyuBon is the name for a woman who has these 3 criteria.  However, there is also a saying that BonKyuBon women lose pretty with women who have a slim body

 Long Feet

have long legs also determine the beauty of a Japanese woman. Those who have a high posture with legs whose level would have greater appeal


personality may apply universally not only in Japan. In the land of the Rising Sun, a woman with a polite personality becomes one of the deciding factors whether she is beautiful or not. In addition, the way of speaking is also a factor that determines a beautiful Japanese woman or not.

Nose Form

If in general, we see the Japanese woman is funny in a pretty sense. Unlike the case with Japanese women themselves; for them, a tiny nose or pug is a thing that does not make them beautiful. According to them, they deserve to be beautiful if their noses are sharp


Double eyelids are another standard of a woman’s beauty in Japan. This I found when looking at the patients in the beauty hospital.

In addition to surgery on their nose, some of them also turn out there who want to perform surgery on the eyelids to be double. The reason why many people want to have double eyelids in Japan is that, with double eyelids, the eyes of those people will look bigger.…

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