Reasons to Consider Having a FUE Hair Transplant

New methods are being developed all the time to help people suffering from hair loss to restore their full and luscious locks, so it can be difficult to evaluate which method is really best. Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE, hair transplants are one of the most promising of these recently developed treatments. This article is designed to help anyone considering having a Fue Hair Transplant decide whether this treatment is really right for them.

Less Scarring

Traditional hair transplant procedures require entire pieces of skin be extracted from a donor area for transplantation. This leaves huge scars that prevent those who have had the procedure from wearing their hair short after surgery even when it has been completely effective. In comparison, FUE transplants leave practically no scarring at all.

Shorter Healing Time

In addition to providing the same, or better, results as traditional transplants with less unsightly scarring, FUE transplants also boast a shorter healing time. Many traditional transplantation procedures require multiple sessions for full results, while FUE transplants allow over 8,000 individual hairs to be transplanted in one single session. Within less than a year after this session, it is next to impossible to even tell a patient has undergone treatment.

Less Hair Required

FUE treatment can be used even if the patient does not have very much donor hair. While not all patients are ideal candidates for FUE transplants, this procedure can help a wider variety of patients regain a full head of hair than most traditional procedures. In fact, just about anyone can undergo restorative treatment. The only question is whether his or her bald area will be sufficiently covered once the treatment is completed.

Hair Can Be Trimmed Sooner

Anyone who wants to be able to trim their hair to wear it in shorter styles soon after treatment should absolutely consider FUE treatment over the alternatives. The fact that it leaves almost no scarring and it requires little healing time means that patients can trim their hair short much sooner than they could otherwise. This is true even for those who have exceptionally tight scalps, which would make other treatment alternatives less effective.…

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Where to Get Cosmetic Dental Procedures

There is no recognized specialty of cosmetic dentistry, but there are dentists who specialize in cosmetic procedures. They are commonly called cosmetic dentists. Traditionally, that was the place to make an appointment for any cosmetic procedures. Dental insurance does not cover elective cosmetic procedures, so costs are the responsibility of patients.


Technological advances allow many cosmetic procedures to be completed in the office of a general dentist. Costs may be lower at a general dentist and, in some cases, partial insurance coverage may be approved. Cosmetic bonding is an example. This procedure is used to fix chipped or broken teeth. It will also protect the tooth from further damage, so some cost reduction may be available via an insurance policy.

Professional whitening can be completed by a general dentist as can composite or porcelain cavity fillings. Veneers are fabricated in a dental laboratory, but a general dentist can make the moldings for them and adhere them to the teeth of patients. Those expecting perfection may want to have veneers applied by a cosmetic dentist. An excellent application does take experience, which a general dentist may not have.

Restorative Cosmetic Procedures

Dental implants are an example of a procedure that falls under different dental categories. Replacing a missing tooth or teeth will improve appearances but will also restore the bite and original shape of the mouth. Implants can be completed by a cosmetic, restorative, or general dentist. Several articles are available for additional reading online.

Dental categories are blurred because procedures are faster, easier, and less complicated than they were in the past. General dentists have access to equipment and training that make cosmetic and restorative procedures safe and comfortable. A CEREC machine, for example, allows a general dentist to replace a ceramic crown in one hour. A special oral camera scans the spot where the old crown was placed and the machine fabricates the crown right in the office.

Patient Care

The best result of dental advances in technology is that patient care delivery is more accessible, affordable, and comfortable. Patients with anxiety issues are more at ease during appointments because procedures are less painful. People are less likely to neglect teeth because x-rays can be completed in a fraction of the time it used to take to get a full set. Cleanings are more efficient, so people can fit them into hectic schedules.…

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3 Common Issues Remedied By Regular Dental Checkups

Regular brushing and flossing are integral parts of keeping a person’s mouth and teeth healthy but often are not enough to stave off all dental complications a person may experience. A dentist is there to help when serious issues arise and will utilize the latest treatments available to help a person gain relief and have the healthiest smile possible. There are many medical conditions that require their expertise, but the following are those that are most likely to occur.

Gum Disease

Despite the introduction of electric toothbrushes and more convenient flossing methods, some adults still do not brush the recommended number of times per day. A lack of regular oral cleaning will likely lead to the formation of gum disease. A dentist will use a scaling process to remove any buildup from the surface of the teeth and, in extreme cases, may need to clean under the gums, requiring the use of specialty lasers.

Chipped and Cracked Teeth

Though teeth are solid, they are still susceptible to being damaged when exposed to blunt force trauma or chewing inedible items. A crack or chip is not only unsightly but is often a source of pain and discomfort. Bonding is the process of applying an acrylic resin over the damaged area and forming it until it completely covers the crack or chip. A dentist will polish the resin after it has hardened to obtain a more natural look.


Cavities form as a result of both genetic dispositions and poor brushing habits. When a cavity forms, it will lead to immense pain and discomfort and, if left unchecked, may cause degradation of a tooth. To repair the tooth, a dentist will drill it out and fill in the hole that is left with a resin material that provides a natural appearance and prevents discomfort while chewing and drinking.

Proper brushing is the first line of defense against oral health issues, but a dentist is standing by to offer help when disaster strikes. Dr. Nicolas E. Daniel utilizes the latest technology to provide quality general and cosmetic dentistry to patients of any age. Contact his office to learn more and take the first step in overcoming bad oral hygiene or accidents once and for all.…

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